Satellite imagery for emergency relief projects

Hilfswerk International is an Austrian non-profit that has been implementing emergency relief projects and sustainable development projects in different countries around the world since 1978. One long term project is the construction of mother houses and the equipment of health posts in Mozambique to effectively reduce maternal and child mortality.

The recent disaster related to cyclone Idai has hit Mozambique hard, and has also severely impacted the operations of Hilfswerk International. We have therefore decided to adapt the data4good hackathon project on short notice. Our aim now is to utilize the satellite imagery released by the Copernicus Emergency Mapping Service, and identify ways to use and enrich this data in support of on the ground efforts. Due to the nature of the catastrophe, this will be an open-ended challenge without a predefined outcome.


A team of very talented data scientists have decided to help solving this challenge.

Their goals:

Their achievements:

Sunset in the mountains
Sunset in the mountains


The team faced several challenges solving them through Data Engineering:

At the end of the hackathon the team demonstrated a queriable compilation of clean data and an interactive map of Mosambique annotated with layers of geo and geo hazard metadata.

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